Salt Scrub Recipe

Salt Scrub Recipe

Salt Scrub Recipe

Salt scrub is one of the best exfoliators used to remove dead cells from your skin, to make it feel more vibrant and fresh. You must have enjoyed a day of sea salt scrub spa, which left your skin rejuvenated and clean. But, they can get expensive. Forget about spending thousands of dollars every year, to enjoy a smooth and healthy skin, as with this inexpensive and simple DIY salt scrub recipe, you can get a homemade exfoilator that actually works. Salt scrub works miracles for dry skin and cuticles, and is also perfect for your feet. Rub those dead skin cells off your body today with this simple and effective homemade salt scrub recipe.

What You’ll Need


12 cups
Warm Wateramazon
3 tbs
Dishwash Soapamazon
½ cup
Hydrogen peroxideamazon
3 tbs
White Vinegaramazon
1 tbs
Essential Oil of Choiceamazon


Mixing Bowlamazon
Spray Bottleamazon


Benefits of Ingredients

The Epson salt in the scrub contains magnesium which reduces inflammation while sea salt contains minerals beneficial to the body. Apart from scrubbing off dead cells they also remove dirt from your pores, enhance circulation and enable the body to generate new cells. They are ideal for winters when the skin gets wrinkled and cracked because of lack of moisture. Different oils have different properties. Lavender oil relaxes the body and gives it a feeling of wellbeing, peppermint is best for a worn out body because it provides energy while lemongrass freshens you up.


Take a mixing bowl and put half a cup of Epson salt in it. You can also use kosher salt, sea salt or even table salt. Pour a quarter of a cup of almond oil into the bowl and mix the two with a spoon. The final step is adding the essential oils. Mix all these ingredients well and then add them in a glass jar to be placed in your bathroom.

Finishing Up

You can add more essential oils, except baby oil, which can make your skin dry. Always scrub slowly and gently, to avoid any rashes on your skin. You can store this mixture in your refrigerator for 40 days, and can scrub twice every week. To get great results, follow the recipe step-by-step and always use a clean glass jar to store the ingredients. Using a plastic container is not advisable because plastic absorbs oils and thus the mixture will lose some of its moisturizing properties.