Homemade Shampoo

Homemade Shampoo

Homemade Shampoo

Having healthy hair is one the most important aspects of your appearance, with the ability to make us look glamorous and stylish all day long. Providing your hair with the right amount of nourishment and essential oils will have a vital impact on its shine and health. The shampoo is one such fine product that delicately deals with your hair, head, and scalp. Applying shampoos routinely will enhance the overall texture of the hair, and will make them bouncier and manageable. A good shampoo should protect the surface of hair from pollution and UV rays. You no longer have to spend hundreds on expensive shampoos, as the ingredients in your kitchen can give you a great option to make your DIY homemade shampoo, which will be 100% organic, natural, and efficient.

What You’ll Need


½ cup
Distilled Wateramazon
¼ cup
Liquid Castile Soapamazon
2 tsp
Avocado Oilamazon
⅛ tsp
Peppermint Essential Oilamazon
⅛ tsp
Tea Tree Essential Oilamazon
1 tsp
Vegetable Glycerinamazon


Mixing Bowlamazon
Glass Storage Jaramazon


Benefits of Ingredients

Avocado oil works as a good moisturizing agent for a wide range of hair. The formula in the oil works effectively into the hair and the scalp and enhances the hair growth with nourishment. Peppermint oil has astringent properties, which helps in normalizing the secretion of sebum and furthermore cools down the scalp. Moreover, the pH formula in the peppermint oil acts as the beneficiary agent for all kinds of problems identified with hair and scalp. Tea tree essential oil works adequately over the hair and scalp. It also lessens the occurrence of dandruff, parasitic infection, split ends, itchy, and other scalp-related issues by treating your hair in a healthier way. The vegetable glycerin is obtained from vegetable oil (typically coconut or palm) and has large properties of humectants that retain the hair moisturizer.


Gently blend all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl, and store it in the flip top plastic bottle.

Finishing Up

During the time of use, it’s highly recommended to shake the bottle well, and then directly squirt the shampoo onto the hair and scalp. Then, start massaging the content gently into the scalp hair for one or two minutes, and then rinse well. Finally, clean with lukewarm water. Share this formulated shampoo preparation and its benefits with your loved ones, and allow them the joy of chemical-free hair.