Homemade Face Scrub

Homemade Face Scrub

A scrub helps you bring out your inner beauty by getting rid of all the dead skin cells that have layered on your face making your skin look rough, dry and dull. Once you have tried an oatmeal face scrub, your skin will settle for nothing less. It works like a charm on the dry and dull skin, bringing out the inner glow and providing a freshness that will make you look ten years younger. Everyone wants to look beautiful but without a clean, healthy skin, you will never be able to look your best. Those hundreds of face products that you have tried, never really seem to work and appear to be damaging your skin even more. Not to mention, there is always the issue of whether a product will suit you or not. Now is the right time to throw all those products away and replace it with a single homemade oatmeal facemask that will give you a satisfying skin experience right in your home.

What You’ll Need


12 cups
Warm Wateramazon
3 tbs
Dishwash Soapamazon
½ cup
Hydrogen peroxideamazon
3 tbs
White Vinegaramazon
1 tbs
Essential Oil of Choiceamazon


Mixing Bowlamazon
Spray Bottleamazon


Benefits of Ingredients

A facial scrub will remove all the dead skin cells from your face and will make it smooth and soft. It will also free your pores from the dust collected inside them, enabling your skin to breathe. The gentle circular motion of your hands while scrubbing increases the blood circulation and helps the skin build new cells. The oatmeal present in the scrub has nourishing properties that will turn your skin translucent. While honey will moisturize it from deep within. Unlike the spa treatments that will cost you a fortune this easy to make facial scrub contains ingredients that are already stocked in your pantry and will give you similar results at no cost at all.


Take a mixing bowl and add oatmeal, honey and lemon juice in it. Mix them together with a spoon to form a paste. Then, slowly add water in a thin stream and stir gently until a smooth mixture is formed.

Finishing Up

Before you scrub your face wash it with warm water to open up the pores. This way it will be easier for the scrub to remove all the dirt and dust collected inside your pores beside removing the uppermost layer of dead skin cells. Do not scrub too vigorously because that might hurt your skin. Rub the mixture gently, in a smooth circular motion for a couple of minutes and then leave it on for another few minutes. You can later wipe it off with a damp towel or wash your face with cold water to close off the pores and lock the moisture within your skin. Scrubbing your face twice or thrice a week will bring an instant change to your skin and make you look fresh and vibrant again.