Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

We all have experienced the feeling of doom when we step into the kitchen for a nice cup of tea and find out that the dishes from last night’s dinner party are not cleared yet. And what if not only is there a pile of crusty dishes towering above your head, but you have run out of detergent too! Besides, there are times when the market washing soap would fail to clean up the messy dishes and also the harsh chemicals leave your hands dry and rough. But here is the good news; you don’t need to spend your hard earned money on those useless detergents anymore. You can rather choose to replace them with your own DIY dishwasher which is not only easy to make but serves the purpose effectively as well.

What You’ll Need


12 cups
Warm Wateramazon
3 tbs
Dishwash Soapamazon
½ cup
Hydrogen peroxideamazon
3 tbs
White Vinegaramazon
1 tbs
Essential Oil of Choiceamazon


Mixing Bowlamazon
Spray Bottleamazon


Benefits of Ingredients

Unlike a market detergent which is very expensive, this homemade dishwasher is easy to make and highly reasonable. Moreover, while some of the commercial dishwashers have active chemicals in them for thorough cleaning, which affect your health and cause skin allergies. The mild ones might sometimes leave behind smudges, which force you to scrub them manually. On the contrary, however, the homemade dishwasher is very easy to make. It contains lemon which is a preservative so you don’t need to worry about making it every day since you can store it in a jar for long term use. Also, it will make your dishes smelling really fresh even if they have been left dirty overnight. Washing soda and borax both are strong antibacterial agents and scrub off the dirt completely leaving your dishes not only bacteria free but sparkling clean too.


Take a mixing bowl and add all the ingredients to it. Continue to mix the ingredients till a smooth paste is formed. Finally, transfer it to a glass jar to be kept near your kitchen sink.

Finishing Up

The quantity we mentioned will make about 42 spoons in total, and you just need to add one spoon for each wash which makes it very economical. But if the dishes are extra dirty you might want to add two spoons just to be on the safe side.